Zales The Diamond Store Outlet

A Zales the Diamond Store Outlet often sits among other generic stores that are found in most malls and outlet centers. Don't let the stores ubiquity fool you though, as Zales does offer a great array of affordable jewelry.

Zales have a large selection of merchandise from engagement rings to Swiss watches to modern jewelry. Discounts of up to 70% can often be found at a Zales outlet including a section of the store dedicated to clearance stock with constantly changing discontinued styles at discounted prices.

If you are thinking about buying something special for a significant other or perhaps thinking of asking the big question then you know that there are an awful lot of jewelry stores with a huge array of price points.

A Zales outlet should not make you think of cheap quality, older lines and items that don't sell can end up here so you may be able to get yourself a great deal. The conception that an engagement or wedding ring should not be bought at an outlet store is a fallacy. There are often huge markups at premium jewelers which do little other than dent your wallet!

Reviewers have been mostly positive about the staff and stores. If you are looking for a ring for a special occasion you hope to be met with educated and knowledgeable staff members who will not force you into a hard sale and instead consider your needs.

Zales the Diamond Outlet Diamond Ring

Look out for quite a sophisticated lines including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches. Zales also offer the ability to design your own rings, engravings and resizing.

If you are looking for that special ring, Zales would be a good point to start. Brush up on what makes a good diamond. Namely the 5 C's which are Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut and Certificate. It's best to go with some knowledge about what you want before entering the store but at Zales the helpful staff should be able to point you in the right direction either way.

About Zales the Diamond Store

Zales have around 700 regular stores across the USA and Zales Outlet stores can be found in as many as 130 US outlet malls.

Zales was formed in Wichita Falls, Texas back in 1924 by two brothers, Morris and William Zales.

Interestingly the original store did not just sell the jewelry that it is widely known for today. The original Zales store sold cookware, cameras and small appliances as well as jewelry.

Zales grew and expanded into more locations but it was the change in direction of the 1950s that has cemented the brand as we know it now. The new strategy was to focus on the jewelry market and to focus on indoor  shopping malls.

Brand name: Zales

Tags: jewelry

Zales the Diamond Store Outlet locations

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