Talbots Outlet

Talbots sells womens clothing with a modern/classic style. The clothing is mainly aimed at women aged around 35 and upwards.

The clothes are usually very high quality and use natural fibres like cotton, wool etc rather than polyester.

Tablots have a very good selection of clothing for Plus size petites, which can sometimes be hard to find.

The clothing can be expensive, look out for sales around December/January also March and September

Talbots Outlet information

If your lucky enough to live near a Talbots Outlet store then make sure you give it a visit. We have found the deals to be found at a talbots outlet are pretty outstanding. If you like talbots clothes then you will love the discounted prices.

Some outletseekers have warned that you do check the items thoroughly as the clothing is sold 'as-is'. Just make sure that you check the items for damage first.

You are also likely to find a lot of last seasons left overs, which is great if you don't mind that.

Brand name: Talbots

Talbots Outlet locations

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