Old Navy Outlet

Like many successful large retail stores you can visit an Old Navy Outlet to get cheap deals on excess and older stock. Old Navy is an all American retail giant that make affordable clothing for fashion oriented teens through to adults. Old Navy is owned by parent company Gap though the clothing tends to be more affordable than its parent company. The first three Old Navy stores were opened as recently as 1994 in Northern CA and Pittsburg. 

In an Old Navy Outlet you will find sections for both men, women, boys, girls and even infants. Old Navy is also a good source for accessories, these include everything from hats, handbags, shoes, toys and Old Navy sunglasses. It should be noted the plus size clothing used to be available but now can generally only be found online.

Other great items of Old Navy clothing that have stood out are the Performance Fleece and Tech Vest. We particularly love the shirt released every summer with the US flag across it and the year (a hint towards the companies all American past)

When visiting an Old Navy Outlet you will have a high chance of finding fashionable and affordable Old Navy clothing and accessories. Don't be suprised to find products from Gap and Banana Republic, this is because they are all owned by parent company Gap and are often sold together.

old navy outlet

Use the Old Navy store locator on this page to find your nearest outlet. We have a comprehensive list of stores but you can also call 1-800-OLD-NAVY (1-800-653-6289) to find out locations, phone numbers and hours.

If you are seriously looking to save money then look out for Old Navy coupon codes. Either check out our coupon section or when visiting your local factory outlet ask at the main office if they have any coupon booklets. This is pretty common with larger outlet malls.

Old Navy Outlet information

Due to the popularity of the stores some outlet reviewers have found them to be rather overcrowded. This is ultimately dependent of the store and the popularity of the outlet mall. The stores can get quite chaotic and often require lots of staff to arrange clothing. The lines can be quite long but  lots of staff are employed to make them go quite quickly. Plan ahead and avoid weekends, large sales and public holidays if you do wish to avoid overcrowding.

Dressing rooms are usually located at the back and there are plenty of room available. You will also often find a clearance section located towards the rear of the store. Items here have huge almost unbelievable reductions - however you may have trouble finding clothing in your exact size!

In general if you want some discounted Old Navy clothing or kids clothes then an Old Navy Outlet is certainly a cheaper alternative. You might not be blown away with the discount but there are cheap finds to be had. There is often large selctions so bare in mind that you could be there for hours! The outlets are usually quite spacious with friendly staff and lots of Old Navy merchandise on offer.

Brand name: Old Navy

Tags: men, women, teen, clothing, fashion, accessories

Old Navy Outlet locations

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