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If you’re interested in buying a high quality watch, but not so keen on the price tag, why not visit your local Movado outlet to see if you can pick one up at a fraction of the recommended retail price.

Being a luxury brand, most Movado watches have a retail price of $500 to over $2300; however by shopping at a Movado outlet you should be able to get a nice discount, usually in the range of 40%. This could be even more if your chosen Movado outlet is running extra special promotions at the time you visit.

Movado’s most famous design is the Museum Watch, which was also the first wrist watch to be featured at the Museum of Modern Art. It features a single dot at the 12 o’clock position on an otherwise blank face. Customers often describe the designs as “unique”, hence the strong demand for these watches. Movado’s designs range from classic timepieces to sports pieces that feature that iconic dot design.

Often in the Movado outlets you can find discontinued designs and watches from years back. Movado outlets are of special interest to watch collectors that are either on a budget or out to hunt older pieces. Browsing regularly for collectable pieces is recommended.

movado watch from a movado outlet

Some outlets will even sell you pieces over the phone if you’ve come across any special deals that are running, which is useful if you don’t live near an outlet or don’t have the time to visit the store itself.

Customers are often pleased with the customer service and knowledge about the watches offered by the shop staff. Be sure to chat to them if you’re looking for a certain piece; you never know what stock is out back.

So if you’re interested in high quality Swiss watches at a reduced price, then be sure to drop by your local Movado outlet soon.

Movado Company Store Information

Movado are known all around the world for their luxury watches. The company was originally founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881 by a young Swiss entrepreneur called Achilles Ditesheim. He originally hired six watchmakers when he first opened his workshop.

Movado means “always in motion” in Esperanto, an artificially constructed language intended to be used internationally.

They’ve been commissioned on a number of occasions to produce one off timepieces for certain events or shows. For instance, they created a luxury pocket watch for “Exposition des Arts Decoratifs” in Paris in 1925.

Movado was eventually bought by a North American group in 1983, who are now known as the Movado Group.

Brand name: Movado

Tags: watches

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