Maidenform Outlet

Are you looking for stylish and flattering, but also affordable underwear? Then why not head on over to your local Maidenform outlet store!

Maidenform specialise in manufacturing and selling a vast range of underwear, sleepwear and accessories. You’ll be able to find bras, panties, shape wear and other lingerie at around half the recommended retail price.

Maidenform caters to the adult female market that value comfortable underwear but want it to be stylish at the same time. Most of their products are designed to enhance the natural curves of a woman’s body rather than hide or disguise them, true to the aim of the founders who rebelled against the flat-chested designs of their time.

In a Maidenform outlet you might find it difficult to find something in your size easily, but if you have time and are prepared to search you are sure to pick up many hidden gems. Plan to spend a few hours browsing through the stock on your visit in order to get the best shopping experience and purchases.

Making a trip to a Maidenform outlet is a great way of filling your closet with brand new underwear and pyjamas without spending a fortune. Perfect if your closet is looking a little bare or you’re buying a brand new wardrobe to take with you on holiday.

Is it time to consider buying this year’s bikini? You can even buy your swimwear from them!

Customers are often impressed by the selection offered in the Maidenform collections. There’s something for everyone.

Does this sound like an interesting shopping day for you? Why don’t you head out to visit your local Maidenform outlet soon!

Maidenform Information

Maidenform was founded by Ida Rosenthal, William Rosenthal and Enid Bissett back in 1922. Ida was a seamstress married to William, while Enid owned the shop that originally employed Ida.

They’ve been a big player in changing the way women dress and have altered the underwear industry for good. William filed the first patent for a seamed uplift bra in 1925, with many other patents filled under the Maidenform name since.

Maidenform are famous for their ad campaign in the 1960s that was named “The Maidenform Woman. You’ll never know where she’ll turn up”. This campaign was a follow-up to the 1940s “Dream” campaign. Both were highly successful.

But Maidenform haven’t only dealt in undergarments during their history. They were commissioned during world war two to manufacture vests for carrier pigeons and parachutes for the troops.

Brand name: Maidenform

Maidenform Outlet locations

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