Lacoste Outlet

The iconoclastic Lacoste logo bearing the green alligator is extremely well known the world over. Lacoste is a popular brand that stocks a good selection of clothing and accessories including polo’s, t-shirts, sweaters and sunglasses.

A Lacoste Outlet is usually a popular stop at a visit to an outlet mall. Lacoste polo shirts are extremely popular and can be found in a large assortment of colors in most outlet stores.

What color polo shirt do you want? Green, red, blue, purple, pink and in every shade you can think of. We have even seen neon green polo’s!  Visiting the Lacoste Outlet can make you feel like a kid in a candy store with all the different colors on offer.

The Outlet stock is usually pretty good with a wide arrangement of items. Lacoste shirts can usually be expensive so it is worth seeing what you can get at a discounted price if you like the style. The polo shirts can be around half the price that you would normally pay but not in every store.

The prices seem to be as good as sale prices in a regular Lacoste store. The best deals can be found on clearance racks at the back.

The stores can be found all over the world with several in the USA including Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Overall a nice outlet store with several bargains on clearance racks and a wide variety of Polo colors to choose from.

Lacoste Information

Lacoste was founded by Rene Lacoste a French tennis player and businessman in 1933. The brand was created when he teamed up with Andre Gillier (owner of a large knitwear company)

Together the pair created the now classic polos with the crocodile logo for use on the tennis courts.

Ever synonymous with tennis, the brand is still worn by popular tennis players today including US tennis star Andy Roddick.

Brand name: Lacoste

Lacoste Outlet locations

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