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When it comes to fashion, trends tend to come on a regular basis. Something stylish today may not be as stylish by the next month. With such changes in tastes, some clothing labels tend to to jump off at each seeming new trend and adapt it to their brand’s latest collection.

Some however, stick to their guns, and continue to produce their own brand fashion. For that they get rewarded, usually with a loyal following that only seems to grow as the years go by.

Take the clothing brand Izod for example. Going to an Izod outlet, you are most likely to find all the basic stuff your parents bought in the store when they were your age.

At an Izod outlet store you can actually bring the whole family because they have items for everyone. Whether it be the classic cotton shirt with collar or the comfortable cotton pants, you can get it here at remarkably low prices.

Izod Information

Loved by American families all throughout the United States for their classic looks that never go out of style, Izod is almost an icon in the clothing industry.

First introduced to the US in 1938 from London by Vincent De Paul Draddy, Izod’s popularity only took off in the 1930s after a partnership with Lacoste to market the now highly recognizable and famous Izod Lacoste shirts with the alligator logo.

Since then it has continued to produce men’s and women’s clothing that embodies a youthful and energetic spirit, but still with a classic look as embodied by the clean lines and the color choices.

Izod’s peak popularity was reached in the 1980s when the preppy look was very popular and has been a staple in men’s and women’s wardrobes. During this time, the brand’s short sleeved Pique polo shirt took off with its popularity over the Izod Lactose shirts. Previously featuring and alligator, it now showed a color coordinated crest on the left breast and an embroidery on the left sleeve. This Pique shirt along with other Izod classic from this time such as the Harrington jacket, v-neck, and cardigan sweaters can still be purchased by Izod enthusiasts at any Izod outlet or retail store.

Brand name: Izod

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