Guess Outlet

Guess outlet stores are the place to go if you are looking for quality Guess items at a cheaper price.

Although these stores don’t usually carry the brand’s latest items, they are still worth checking out because you may actually get something good at a really great bargain.

Items for men, women, and children can be found in outlet stores; and as a rule, the longer the item stays in there it’s probably bound to have its price cut off by a large amount.

Discounts can reach up to 70%. Do not worry about getting bad products because the items sold at outlet stores are simply the ones that haven’t really sold out in the retail stores during the season that it was available.

You can still get the same quality of designer jeans that Guess is known for as well as handbags and clothing that are designed with that European flair. Children’s clothing are also a good buy from Guess and are really hard to pass up so be sure to check out the nearest Guess outlet store for them.

Guess Information

Guess is a luxury American name-brand clothing line founded in California by four Marciano brothers, Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice in 1981. The brothers were born in Morocco, lived in France and upon moving to California, decided to put up the company. The first product they produced was a three-zipper styled jeans called “Marilyn”. Stores were first reluctant to carry their stone washed jeans because it was something new to the market, but when Bloomingdale’s finally agreed to sell their stuff, the jeans were quickly sold out.

Guess is popular for their iconic advertisements that come in black and white and feature models that are dressed in sexy Guess apparel as well as posing seductively. These ads have won countless of awards and are one of the defining features of the brand aside from their logo, which is familiar to everyone.

From Guess outlet and retail stores, one can buy the brands extensive line for women, men and children. Recently they put up a concept store, G by Guess, which caters to the more hip and sassy night-club atmosphere prevalent nowadays.

Brand name: Guess

Guess Outlet locations

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