Ed Hardy Outlet

Ed Hardy is a retail outlet that sells clothing and accessories to men women and kids, with all of their items bearing tattoo related graphics. They are perhaps best known for their graphic tees and hats, although they have expanded their line to include shoes, sunglasses, watches, and much, much more.

The clothing is very much aimed at a younger audience, all of whom are drawn to the cool tattoo themes that grace the items. There is a definite youthful vibe that you get when visiting an Ed Hardy store, with the staff sporting ink that seems perfectly matched with the clothing designs. While the prices are a little higher than the average graphic t-shirt, the quality of the clothing makes those few extra dollars very much worthwhile.

Of course one way that you can save some money is by shopping at one of the many Ed Hardy outlet stores, where you can expect to find discounts ranging as high as 70% off of the regular retail price. You would be hard pressed to find any real difference, other than prices, between the outlet and retail Ed Hardy stores, with the same tattoo aesthetic very much alive and well in both.

The fusion of tattoo art and cool clothing is one that is especially exciting, and that level of fun is matched when shopping at an Ed Hardy outlet store. Part of the adventure is never really knowing what you are going to find on any given visit, especially since there is new stock arriving daily. It’s worth noting that since the Ed Hardy brand is very popular among the younger market, the outlet stores tend to be especially busy on the weekends. You best shot at a real bargain may come by visiting the outlets during the week.

Information about the Ed Hardy brand 

Don Ed Hardy was best known for his magnificent tattoo work and publications on the subject long before his name became synonymous with graphic clothing. It wasn’t until 2002 that Hardy licensed his work with Ku USA Inc. and started producing the clothing line that we know today.

The clothing was an instant success, quickly drawing the attention of Saks, and by 2004 Christian Audigier (Von Dutch) acquired licensing rights and started to market Hardy’s clothing to a long list of celebrities. The Ed Hardy brand of products is available online, as well as in retail stores all over the world, in places as far afield as Qatar and Dubai. The most recent use of the Ed Hardy brand came in 2010 when IGP Beauty acquired licensing rights to place the tattoo inspired images on a line of hair styling tools.

Brand name: Ed Hardy
Founded: 2002

Tags: clothing

Ed Hardy Outlet locations

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