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Ecko Unltd is a clothing and accessories retail outlet that delivers graffiti themed clothing that is incredibly popular with the younger crowd. The vast majority of their clothing has a hip-hop sensibility that really strikes home with the fashion conscious youth of today.

The clothing sold at Ecko Unltd is very much in demand among kids, meaning that parents likely have to hear their young ones ask to get outfitted on those great styles. As is the case with many big name fashion companies, prices can be a little high, especially if purchasing for a number of different kids. Rather than settling for less, shoppers can head to the Ecko Unltd outlet store and score some major savings on all the most popular designs.

Shopping at the Ecko Unltd outlet stores is virtually identical to the shopping experience that you will get at one of their main retail stores. What you also get is a real sense of adventure as you never know what you are going to get when you step through the front door. The only thing that you can be totally sure of is the savings that can run anywhere from 25% to 75%. The real sense of excitement comes from searching the shelves and racks in the outlet store to see what might be hiding.

The items in stock at the Ecko Unltd stores can literally change on a daily basis. This means that one day can result in a treasure trove of fashion finds with the next yielding little. The best thing that you can do when you see something that you like is to grab it. If you wander round the store in order to decide if you really want that item, chances are it will be gone by the time you circle back around. The savings potential is huge, so it really pays to dig deep on those racks and shelves to find those hidden gems.

Ecko Unltd Information

Marc "Echo" Milecofsky always had a flair for the dramatic, creating unique t-shirts using spray paint. Seeing how popular those designs were becoming, Marc started Ecko Unltd in 1993 thanks to a financial investment from his sister and a friend. It’s fair to say that their investments have reaped huge dividends. Ecko Unltd is now the leading brand in what has commonly become referred to as ‘streetwear,’ generating over a billion dollar on sales every year.

Brand name: Ecko Unltd
Founded: 1993

Tags: Teen, clothing

Ecko Unltd Outlet locations

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