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Donna Karan New York (DKNY) offers stylish, modern clothing and accessories for men and women. The accessories include such items as handbags, watches, belts, eyewear, and even a collection of fragrances, all with a flair for high fashion design.

It’s easy to imagine that the clothing and accessories on offer at DKNY may fall outside the average budget, but by shopping at DKNY outlet stores you can get your hands on those fashions at prices a great deal less than retail. It’s not uncommon to find many of the same items that grace the racks of the original DKNY stores, with the only difference being the markdowns which can go as high as 50-75%.

What that means is that you might very well be able to get your hands on that perfect summer dress that you have dreamed of, yet still have enough money left over to also get a matching handbag and pair of shoes. The same rules apply to the men who shop at the DKNY outlet stores, with those saving making it entirely possible to get a suit that looks as though it just came off a Paris runway, with 3 or 4 stylish shirts thrown in for good measure.

You may very well be wondering what sort of fashions you can expect to find at the DKNY outlet. People are often fooled into thinking that the clothing and accessories that are on offer are of inferior quality or are somehow damaged, but they are actually the same items that you would expect to find in the main retail stores. Most of the items on offer are in pretty limited supply, which makes it important for you not to dilly-dally when you see a piece of clothing that you particularly like. The chances of it still being there when you return are pretty slim, so take advantage of the savings while you can.
DKNY Information.

DKNY Information

DKNY was founded by fashion designer Donna Karan in 1989 and was inspired by her daughter Gaby. Karan’s idea for the DKNY stores was to create an affordable outlet for her high fashion designs, with the original items all aimed at the female market.

The stores were an instant success and the company decided to expand their line by adding men’s fashions and a beauty collection in 1992. There are now 70 DKNY stores operating worldwide and the Donna Karan brand now includes household items, eyewear, and fragrances to name but a few. They also have a line of kids clothing catered towards babies and up. The dream that Donna Karan had when she started DKNY back in 1989 seems to now be in full bloom.

Brand name: Dkny
Founded: 1989

Tags: Clothing, Fashion, Accessories

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