Crate And Barrel Outlet

Crate and Barrel is a US chain of retail stores that specialize in homeware and furnishings. There are few physical retail stores and you will likely have to order online. The company has a limited selection of Crate and Barrel outlet stores so read on to see if you are lucky enough to live near one.

The stock is mostly furniture and home accessories. They have lots of self assembly stuff like IKEA yet the quality is usually better. Look out for rugs, kitchen accessories and gadgets, dinnerware.

At the outlet stores you can usually get furniture with slight scratches or nicks with a large discount.

Crate and Barrel Outlet information

Crate and Barrel sell high end furnishings so seeking an outlet store will really save you some money. There are relatively few outlet stores in the USA. If you are lucky enough to live in california you have a choice of three, located in Cabazon, Carlsbad and Berkely.

In a regular Crate and Barrel store some of the stock is quite cheap though some can be very expensive. An outlet will offset this cost and make furnishing a house or apartment a lot more affordable. Another great thing about these stores is how everything is orgainzed just like the regular ones, unlike some outlets put things in disorganized piles.

Beware though, with the cheaper prices you will probably end up buying a lot of things you don't need!

Brand name: Crate & Barrel

Tags: homeware, furnishings

Crate and Barrel Outlet locations

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