Cosmetics Company Store

The Cosmetics Company Store is a chain which is exclusive to outlet malls. This store stocks Estee Lauder owned brand products which include MAC, Clinique, Origins, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives all in one place.

The stores sell makeup, skincare, fragrances and accessories from these top Estee Lauder owned brands.

If you know about make-up then you know MAC make up rarely goes on sale. Yet people lucky enough to have access to the Cosmetic Company outlet store have access to the holy grail of make up products at discounted prices.

The stores apparantly work by getting sent excess products from department stores, this however means they could have a whole number of different products at any one time and don't know what they will get in. As a shopper you may or may not get lucky but at least every time you visit will be unique!

They also get discontinued colors (could be good if you can't get your color anymore) and limited edition products that have finished being promoted in other stores.

cosmetics company signThe best part about the cosmetics company stores is the fact that all these products are around 10%-50% cheaper than what you would regularly pay.

It all sounds to good to be true and maybe it is - some of you have mentioned that the testers can be a bit dirty and some of the stores suffer from overcrowding. This may be dependent on individual stores and there has been a lot of great feedback too. Remember also that the stock changes often so its worth having another look if you didn't find much the first time.

Also before you get too excited check how far you live from a CCO, if the gas prices are going to offset the savings perhaps only visit one when you are on vacation.

Cosmetics Company outlet

Pros: Great for a MAC makeup haul, just clear the MAC shelf and stock up.

Cons: As the stock varies you many not get particular colors or products that you wanted. Watch out for dirty testers.

With around 75 locations across the US finding a local store shouldn't be a problem, view our list of cosmetic company store outlet locations, find you nearest and start hauling those MAC goodies.

Brand name: Cosmetics Company

Tags: makeup, cosmetics

Cosmetics Company Store locations

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