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Converse is best known for their line of shoes, particularly their All-Star hi-tops, but they also produce a line of clothing and accessories that are aimed at the young consumer.  Despite being around for over a century, Converse has remained relevant by changing their products slightly to cater to the latest fashions, whilst still maintaining their very distinct style.

Their basic black, Chuck Taylor inspired shoes have undergone some color changes over the years and now even include the option for people to go online and customize their own shoes. It’s not everyone that wants to go through that process though and there are plenty of shoppers out there that would sooner use their time to get their hands on a Converse bargain or two.

One of the best ways to find those types of bargains is by shopping at the Converse outlet stores, where it’s not uncommon to find prices at 50% or more off retail. Given that Converse now makes all manner of sports shoes, the outlet stores are a great way for parents to save some money when outfitting their kids that play organized sports. Those types of shoes can be incredibly expensive, so the opportunity to save a ton of money, with enough left over to buy Converse t-shirts and shorts, makes the outlet stores very appealing.

One of the most common misconceptions about outlet stores is that they carry outdated products, but nothing could actually be further from the truth. The only items that you won’t find in a Converse outlet store are those which have been just released. Even then, you may be lucky to stumble across new products that have very minor defects. Those are so small that you probably won’t even see what the problem is, but given that Converse has such high standards they would sooner sell them at a reduced price than put them at full retail. Given that those products won’t last long on the shelves, a trip to the outlet sore can be hit or miss, so be sure to grab those great savings while you can.

All about Converse

Marquis Mills Converse opened the Converse Rubber Show Company in 1908 with a view towards providing winterized rubber soled shoes to consumers. The company did very well off the bat, but it wasn’t until 1915 that they started manufacturing sports shoes, specifically made for tennis.

That all changed in 1921 when former professional basketball player Chuck Taylor walked into the factory complaining of aching feet. He took the All-Star basketball shoe that was developed 4 years earlier and turned it into a sales all-star. His signature was eventually added to the patch that appeared on all the shoes, which is why Converse shoes are still referred to as Chuck’s to this day.

Brand name: Converse

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