Charlotte Russe Outlet

Charlotte Russe is a chain of clothing stores that sells fashions aimed at teenagers and young adult women, with a large number of their designs featuring bright, bold colors and patterns. The clothing and accessories on offer are incredibly affordable, yet still remain very glamorous.

It’s those bright colors and sexy designs that have made Charlotte Russe clothing such a big hit with the younger crowd, all of whom are always on the lookout for great clothes at bargain prices. While the fashions on offer at the main retail stores all fall in that category, it’s the Charlotte Russe outlet stores that really offer the opportunity for girls and women to really cash in on savings. What you’ll find on offer at the outlet stores are clothes and accessories that are similar to the lines carried in the main store, but often at savings of as much as 75%.

That makes Charlotte Russe outlet stores a big target for those ladies on a budget that are looking to add a whole bunch of new styles for the upcoming season. Having so many items available at such deeply discounted prices means that your entire wardrobe can be changed on just one visit; assuming of course that the store has everything that you are looking for on that trip. The items on offer at the Charlotte Russe outlet stores tends to be turned over far more quickly than at the regular, which can often lead to a little bit of a hit or miss shopping experience.

The way that the outlet stores operate really does require that you visit more than once, as the clothes on the rack one week can be completely different the next. That makes for an incredibly exciting shopping experience, but you had better make sure that if you see something you like, that you hold onto it. With prices so low, the competition to get that perfect piece becomes all the more fierce. Given that teenagers are likely to be frequenting the Charlotte Russe outlet stores, you can bet that they will be very busy on the weekends, so try to plan your visits accordingly.

Charlotte Russe Information.

Charlotte Russe was founded by Daniel Lawrence, with the first retail store opening in Carlsbad, CA. in 1975. The goal at that time was to sell fashionable, affordable clothing with the target audience being females aged 14-35.

The company continued under the same ownership until 1996 when they were acquired by Sanders, Karp, and Megrue who turned Charlotte Russe into a chain of stores operating mainly in major malls. Their target audience remained almost exactly the same, with the clothes definitely being designed and marketed to teens and women in their twenties.

Charlotte Russe currently has over 500 retail stores and outlets operating nationwide and is now owned by Advent International.

Brand name: Charlotte Russe
Founded: 1975

Tags: fashion, women, teen

Charlotte Russe Outlet locations

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