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Spring and summer usually means time to start changing up your wardrobe a little, and that means getting some new shoes. Footwear might be the most important item that we wear every day as shoes can lend support for the rest of our body, which means that it’s important to go for quality. Aldo outlet stores have quality footwear in spades, and the best part of it all is that they are at drastically discounted prices.

There seems to be a general feeling that outlet stores are where awful styles go to die, but in actual fact the shoes that you will find at the Aldo outlet are of the exact same style and quality as you would find in their regular stores. That means great shoes for the entire family, with the only difference being the final price that you can expect to pay. The one major difference with outlet stores is that they may not carry the volume of a particular show, which means that if you find a pair that you love in your size, then you had better get them while you have the chance.

Aldo outlet stores are not just about shoes at great prices though, and you can also expect to find a great selection of handbags and other accessories. The same rules apply to those items, and given that the items in the outlet store are usually in short supply, each time you visit an Aldo outlet store you can expect a different shopping experience.

Shopping at the Aldo outlet store is a great way to shop for now, as well as load up for coming seasons. For example, you may be going to buy a cool pair of sandals for summer, but may also end up running into a pair of winter boots at a price that is just too good to pass up. The outlet shopping experience is exciting because you never really know what you are going to find, and that makes every Aldo outlet store a little adventure.

Aldo Information.

Aldo was born and raised in Canada by Moroccan, Aldo Bensadoun who opened his first store in 1972. The idea was to provide shoes that were considered to be cheap chic, and the Canadian people loved the idea, with the success of the original store leading to hundreds of others being opened in malls all across the country.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Aldo crossed the border into the United States, but it ended up being a great move as Aldo now operates 475 stores on this side of the border. In all, Aldo has over 1,600 stores operating worldwide, with 1,000 of those operating under the Aldo name. The rest are comprised of Spring, Locale, and GLOBO stores, all of which are part of the Aldo Group family.

Brand name: Aldo
Founded: 1972

Tags: shoes, footwear

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