The Chinese are coming: why Chinese tourists love outlet malls

Chinas burgeoning middle glass is growing at a fast pace. A whole new generation of Chinese people are finding that they have money in their pockets and are heading abroad to spend it.

Luxury stores have seen no shortage of Chinese customers looking for a little bit of luxury when on holiday in high fashion retail centres like Paris or New York.

However it seems that with time Chinese tourists have become more sophisticated with how they spend their money and have subsequently started heading to the outlet mall.

Not only are they the fastest growing international buyers at US outlet malls they also spend big. On average they spend around $455 in an outlet store. Something big outlet store operators have seized upon as they try to court Chinese tour groups to their locations.

So what’s the big draw then for Chinese tourists? It comes down to availability (items that they can’t get so easily back home) and increasingly: price. The outlet store sells everything they need but allows them to make their tourist dollars go much further.

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